Behold The Devil #0 Cover Art


Behold The Devil #1(sketch)
This is the rough sketch to the cover for the upcoming new Grendel series, set to debut this one really comes alive in the final painted version.Check back here in the coming weeks for an advanced look at the finished piece.


Ultimate Spider-Man #100
This was a custom cover deone as part of a charity auction to benifit HERO Initiative.Marvel provided HERO with a bunch of copies to this landmark book with blank covers.Various artists then contributd their own cover art and the results were then auctioned off to support the Iitiative fund,which helps benifit old-time comic artists, many of whom never fully benefitted from their contributions to our art form and have since fallen on hard times.


Crisis on Multiple Earths Team-Up Vol.2
A freelancers cover of DC features some of my favorite Golden Age characters along with many of the Silver Age counterparts.When they told me the list of characters that had to be included on the cover art, I thought my head was gonna explode.In the end, I was pretty happy with the final design 0of the piece.


Grendel Archives
Reprints the hard-to-find original Black and White issues of Grendel BEFORE the story was revamped and everntually finished as DEVIL BY THE DEED.Ships to stores 5/3/07.


Devil By The Deed
5th anniversary hardcover reprint of the original Hunter Rose storyline,color remastered to what has noe become Hunter’s signiture spectrum; Black, White & Red.Ships to stores 4/4/07.