Comic Shop Event Calendar- 2020

1: January

  • The Launch Party-  Thor #1 and Star Wars #1

A mindblowing start to the new year was the new stories from Asgard and Galaxy far, far away. So, let’s start with Thor #1. Here, the God of Thunder takes on his role as the King of Asgard. At this moment the impending Black Winter enters and threatens Thor that he will take away all his magical powers.

On the other hand, in Star Wars #1, the events and fallout of The Empire Strike Back have been followed. Here the rebel heroes fight to achieve victory despite the string of their recent defeats. After that, they find themselves fighting against a cunning and unfortunate trap. 

As a part of the launch party, Thor lovers can collect the four Thor Launch Party Trading Cards. But Star War fans, don’t be upset. You can grab your Star War Launch Party Lithograph and these features have beautiful artwork from the Empire Strikes Back. 

  • The Launch Party- Marvels X #1

Prequel to the Earth X Trilogy finds that the last human being on Earth is hunted by his neighbors and the story follows him as he makes his journey to New work to find his friend Captain America. So, the Marvel fans at the launch party can pick up the Marvel X launch party bookmark as they revisit the captivating world of Earth X in the brand new series. That too from the legendary team of Alex Ross and Jim Krueger and of course the newcomer superstar, Well- Bee.

  • The Launch Party- Iron Man 2020 #1

Boom! The future is here. Following the grievous fate of Tony Stark, his long lost brother Arno Stark becomes Iron Man. His take on the armored Avengers will send waves across Marvel Universe. So, the fans present at the launch party can pick up the 2020 Iron Manual. This will let the Iron Man fans know everything they should learn about the new Iron Man. 

  • In Theatres- Dolittle

Here, you will see Robert Downey Jr., taking up the spirit of the weird doctor who can actually speak to animals. It’s a vivid and dramatic reimagining of the classic tale. 

  • The Launch Party- Guardians of the Galaxy

The Guardians of the Galaxy again launches in a brand new era. It is the Marvel Universe Action. Here, you will get to see that the guardians will be called once again to protect the universe from the new War-Mongering gods. 

So, now fans can pick up the Be Mine cards. It will highlight each member of the Guardians. 

2: February

  • In Theatres- Birds of Prey

Black Canary, Harley Quinn and Huntress team up to take down Gotham City crime boss, Black Mask.

  • The Launch Party- Wolverine #1

Here you will see Wolverine popping his claws and getting ready for his biggest adventure so far. All the star writers and artists from across the industry will join the forces for a giant-sized premiere issue on the 19th of February. This will be a power-pact story for both the Wolverine and X Men fans. So fans, you can celebrate with exclusive giveaways and variant covers. 

For more information regarding the giveaway, go and visit your local comic book shop 

3: March

  • In Theatres- Bloodshot

Here, Vin Diesel acts as the brutal one-man army, Bloodshot. The film is set to kick off the Valiant Cinematic Universe.  

  • Release of Video Game: Animal Crossing: New Horizon

In this life simulator game from Nintendo, players will venture to Tom Nook’s uninhabited island. They reach out here to explore freedom and make some new friends. Besides this, they get to interact with an entirely new host of new features and goals.

  • In Theatres- Mulan

To sum up, it is a live-action reboot presented by Disney classic. The story is about a Chinese woman. She hides her real identity and disguises herself as a male warrior. She took this step just to save the life of her father. 

4: April

  • In Theatres- The New Mutants

Well, the story is based on the very popular X Men team from the 1980s. Here you will see the Mutant following the team of young X Men including Magik and Wolfsbane. 

  • Magic the Gathering Release: Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths

So, this displays an exciting new plane of the beasts and monsters. Hands down! It will be great to experience.