I really like working with colored pencils on toned paper. The paper provides a color base that gives the finished sketches a rich depth that I find very “yummy”. A friend once told me the colors look like melted candy. Some of these are done for my own enjoyment and others are by request.


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This was a rejected sketch done as a rough to a cover I recently did for the latest relaunch of the Spectre.Quite obviously,I based this Michelangelo’s CREATION OF MAN-the point being,again quite obviously,that the Spectre was cretaed by Death DC decided they needed to see/show more of the title character on the cover and the […]

If you haven’t read Isabel Allende’s novel from a year of so ago—well,what’s KEEPING you?! It’s a wonderful,totally straight,”Year One”style telling of Zorro’s origins and background.Much like the Batman Begins movie,by the time he actually puts on the costume,it seems like an absolutely natural course of the books is-strangely enough-“Zorro”!

Another Golden Age fave.A lot of people tend to forget that Wildcat’s secret identity used to be a pro boxer.This pose was taken from an old Joe Louis publicity photo.

It’s also no secret that I love the Big Red Chesse! Wish I would’ve had a shot at doing him “old school” but Jeff beat me to it!

Surprisingly, even though I’m fairy well associated with SANDMAN MYSTERY THEATRE,I;ve almost NEVER actually drawn the character.Only in a handful of sketches like this one.

Again,I LOVE those wacky war-era costumes-back when they had little or no idea how to translate this stuff to screen and make it looks as cool as it did on the printed page.

The one exception to the above rule was Superman who’s always looked pretty decent in all his many screen incarnations.Still,ya’gotta love the set-up for the shot this was based on-back when it was still a crude rope harness and the cape hadda be pinned up just off-camera!

Ya want fries with that?

I had a request from a fan who gave me a list of character I could choose to sketch.Amoungst them was OMAC whom he had no idea was an ollllld fave of mine.In fact,the first time I ever saw an air-brush artist was at a country fair when I was just a young lad.The artist […]

This piece kicked off a collector’s Obi Wan Kenobi themed sketch book.

This recreation of the cover to Detactive Comics #31 was done as a warm-up for my covers to my most recent DC series,BATMAN & THE MAD MONK.

Another of my “literary” series.I do LOVE me some Mark Twain!

Its no secret that I have a particular fondness for the Golden Age characyers.There;s just something so un-self-concious about them. I mean,LOOK at that costume! Its wild,wacky and wonderful all at the same time!

Another piece for Officer White. Like I said…dude just LOOOVES Green Arrow.But he’s also had me do a variety of others characters for him over the years.

After my stint as cover artist on the Kevin Smith/Brad Meltzer/Judd Winnick runs on Green Arrow,Ollie Queen became one of my most requested sketches.

I don’t often try my hand at Marvel characters, but these next two pieces turned out quite a bit to my liking.

Love Thor but MAN is he harder to draw than he looks.There’s something about those wings on his helmet combined with the locks of hair.His facial features are also somthing of a conundrum-halfway between tough innocent.

Etrigan lives!This was done for a fan who pestered for years to do him a sketch of the Demon.Well, his persistance paid off and I throught this one turned out pretty cool.Way to go,Kelvin!

Done as a commission for a Death lover(yeah,pun intended).

This was done as part of a series for a dear friend who asked that I try my hand at renderings of famous literary characters.I originally promised that I’d do five for her but…ahem..she’s still waiting on two of them.

A sexy shot of Christine Spar.I think this really captures her subtle blend of danger and eroticism.

The Bat and his signal- what’s not to love?

These next three pieces comprise the “turnaround” designs for DC Direct’s latest addition to their VERY successful line of Batman:Black & White mini statues.

These next three pieces comprise the “turnaround” designs for DC Direct’s latest addition to their VERY successful line of Batman:Black & White mini statues.

These next three pieces comprise the “turnaround” designs for DC Direct’s latest addition to their VERY successful line of Batman: Black & White mini statues.

This piece was done for my friend,Officer Mike White, who is surely one of the world’s BIGGEST Green Lantern fans.Hmm..let’s see… a police officer who really digs the stories about a corps of intergalatic peace keepers.Who’da thunk it?