Gossip on the Eve of C2E2- What Now for DC Comic, Jim Lee and Joe Quesada?

Recently, a controversy has arisen that Warner/T and AT are planning to stop the comic publishing side of DC comics, in case, the 5G publishing plan doesn’t turn out well. Like all of you, we got to hear the same news almost about a month ago. But we did not get shocked as we heard the same news about the DC timeline before this.  

We have heard many stories about the New age of DC heroes, Warners, and Metals, Doomsday Clock, Before Watchmen, Rebirth, DC You and New 52, the Blackest Night and a lot more.

Can’t tell you the exact reason but the Warner Brothers often try to stop publishing the DC comics. The reason can be the high cost of production in this case. So, basically, the recent news is true based on the fact that when a comic line loses a big amount of money, the comic makers make the decision to stop publishing its copy anymore.

DC Comic Line: Flash Back 

This comic line was incurring profit internally at Warners for almost a decade. Comics have always been the center of their business attraction. They made a lot of money in the previous two years. Suppositionally, if the comic line was at a loss at Warner/ AT&T then, there are chances for you to get the poorly-selling title books to read. But all that you had in the middle of the controversies, is the amazing Batman or Superman ideas. Besides that, you will get every designed element and that too for free. The costs of the designs that are being saved on an animated film by adapting from a comic book are 7 figures worth. So there is no point in cutting the creativity supply chain off. 

The new team of AT & T may not want to appreciate comic book celebrities, legacy employees and talent. There are chances that they will not care about who Brian Bendis is and it would not look good in case they drop him off to make more and more money. Well, it’s the publishers’ duty to make you understand why to hold the comic line. As long as they are generating satisfactory IP and goodwill, they will continue publishing the DC Comics. It will help them in case they incur a loss in the future. 

More About DC, AT&T

Yes, there were times when it was difficult to understand whether the news was true or not around the 80’s. It was also stated in the news that Warners need to license their DC comic lines to Marvel instead of publishing the comics on their own. On the other hand, Marvels have been outsourcing their Marvel comics to attract the kids mainly. 

But as of now, there is no threat to the monthly publication of the DC titles. And 5G is just another part of the publication plan of DC amongst successes. This mainly contains the YA/Middle-grade superhero original graphics novel, Walmart books and also Black Novel. AT&T looks around for every scope to exploit the resulting books directly to TV-animation or even beyond that. 

AT&T is a company that would welcome an Ike Perlmutter, an individual who is curious to cut the fat. If you notice carefully, you will understand that the Marvel comics are very much similar to DC Comics with far fewer editorial staff members.

Marvel and DC

Some people may think that Marvel is seriously understaffed. However, it is possible that makers like Brian Bendis and John Romita were lured away with industry busting pay deals that now are possibly going under the Microscope and demand on working more lucrative aspects of DC than the comics. There is no doubt that AT&T is a $260 billion company. 

DC has refused to be a part of the meeting with the publisher panel at C2E2. As a result, all they have right now is one publisher with them. But he can never be as candid as the previous publisher Dan Didio was. You must be wondering what may happen in the higher stage of DC. Well, there are many paths to becoming a publisher. The role of Uber-Editor-in-Chief was played by none other than Dan Didio. On the other hand, Jim Lee’s take on this can be enough compared to the former of DC/Wildstorm Stablemate and Marvel publisher, John Nee. 

Inner Story of DC

While all these are happening, everybody is eager to see if the Executives of DC comics (Ben Abernathy, Hank Kanalz and Bob Harass) achieve promotion or not. Not expecting the position of a publisher but the post where they will be able to minimize the work pressure of Dan Didio. Meanwhile, Jim Lee is an individual who thinks of the long-run and makes strategies with the President of Warners Bros, Mr. Pam Lifford according to that. The Head of DC films is Global Brands and Experiences and Walter Hamada. In short, DC comics have a lot of strong support with them. 

Once Geoff Johns was also a part of the DC comic line but he left the comic sphere and seems to be much happier by joining the entertainment world of Films and TV.  There was a time when Geoff John was pushed out of the comic world and it is not possible for DC comics to bring him back now to their team. 

In the End

The story doesn’t end here. Recently, Jeph Loeb was fired from Marvel TV and that too by Kevin Feige ( Marvel CCO ). The amazing team Loeb and Lee have presented us with Batman: Hush. which is considered to be the bestseller even now and recent direct-to-TV smash.

There were also some rumors about Joe Quesada that Joe is planning to join Marvel as a new DC publisher. Well, someone should really visit him and ask him about all these, rather than just suggesting these at meetings. 

So, after analyzing the whole story of the DC comic line, we can come to the conclusion that there is nothing to rush out and urgency to make any changes as of now.