Featured here for the first time are two brand new Grendel t-shirt designs that will make their premiere at this year’s San Diego ComicCon! Brought to you courtesy of Graphitti designs, the shirts help highlight two significant events for Grendel’s 25th anniversary celebration and BOTH were designed and illustrated by Grendel creator, Matt Wagner. The first depicts all six major incarnations of Grendel from the title’s legendary first 50+ issue narrative. The second is to tie-in with the SDCC release of a special preview issue for the all-new Grendel storyline, BEHOLD THE DEVIL #0.

Keep checking back to this section for news of still another special GRENDEL item that will be offered exclusively at this year’s SDCC,2007!


DC Direct, the product and merchandising arm of DC Comics has announced a March 2008 ship date for the first four figures based on my interpretations of their “Big Three” characters as featured in my 2003 mini-series, TRINITY. The initial line includes, of course, Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman as well as arch-Batman-villain, Ra’s Al Ghul. Check out the FIGURES section of the GALLERY for production shots of the figures (Ra’s is still in the prototype stage) and the SKETCHES section for my pre-production designs!


For those of you that don’t already know, I’m finally escaping the same old Artist’s Alley routine at this year’s San Diego ComicCon and bunking up with a group of fellow creators who have–for several years now–labeled themselves Naked Fat Rave! This mighty, mighty roster of talent includes; Arthur Adams, Joyce Chin, Bruce Timm, Phil Noto, J Scott Campbell, JH and Wendy Williams, Amanda Connor, Gene Ha, Michael Golden and Renee Witterstaetter, Tim Sale annnnd…ME! As my dear old chum, Timmy (he and I are actually sharing a table) recently said on his web-site’s Message Boards, with such an overwhelming crowd of talent it, “beats me how the universe doesn’t just split in half.” I couldn’t agree more! For those attending the show, our enclave is located at the following spaces; 4601, 4603, 4700, 4703. Make sure you stop by and see us. Hell, with a line-up like this, you should maybe even just count on spending an entire day at the Rave!

As promised, a limited GRENDEL edition for Darkhorse’s charming line of “Syroco” figurines has been completed and will soon be solicited. Go HERE to take an advance peek at this swell rendition of the Anniversary Boy!


The list is finally official and it couldn’t be sweeter! As an added bonus to this summer’s ART OF GRENDEL tome, an all-star roster of artists have contributed stunningly beautiful pin-ups of their various favorite versions of the centuries-spanning title character. The resultant pin-up gallery features a veritable Who’s Who of the comic book field’s hottest talents!

The feature artists (in no particular order) are:

  • Frank Miller
    John Cassaday
    Travis Charest
    Paul Pope
    Dave Johnson
    P. Craig Russell
    Eric Powell
    Tony Harris
    Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba
    Darwyn Cooke!

These guys have all turned in BEAUTIFUL renditions of Grendel and have really helped turn the publication of this book into a very special event!


Show you’re part of the Devil’s Crew and help support the Comic Legal Defense Fund!

The CBLDF has made available on their website a commermorative print that I recently produced with them and which made its debut at this year’s Wonder Con in San Francisco. The print features the cover art from the upcoming GRENDEL ARCHIVES volume and comes in two versions—a normal s&n edition of 150 that goes for $25, and a more limited version each of which comes with an original inkwash head sketch for $100, editions A-Z.

Here’s the link to the page where you can order them:

These are printed on a beautiful watercolor paper stock and the featured scan for the “regular” edition is closer to their actual appearance.

Thanks in advance to anyone who purchases one for helping to support The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. In a time when our civil liberties seem to be more threatened with every passing day, the Fund’s cause and their hard-fought efforts to preserve our freedoms of expression are now more important than ever!


The new Hunter Rose Grendel series, BEHOLD THE DEVIL, will debut in a specially priced
#0 issue that will premiere at this year’s San Diego Comicon International! This 50¢ book features; a six-page all-new story that will act as an introduction to the upcoming eight-issue series as well as part one of what Newsarama’s Matt Brady promises will be “THE definitive Grendel interview.” The subsequent parts of this lengthy dialogue between Matt and I will be serialized on Newsarama. Check back in the coming weeks for a special preview of the cover art.

In honor of the character’s silver anniversary, Darkhorse has begun production on a
GRENDEL Syroco figure to be released later this year. For those unfamiliar with these
quaint little figurines, go to Darkhorse’s web-site ( and just type Syroco
into the search bar. These are Darkhorse’s clever recreations of an old style of toy statue and
part of their charm is their crude, almost folk-art sort of depictions of pop culture characters.
In fact, here’s links to two of their line that I find particularly cool.

The Dark Horse Syroco figures also come in an attractive tin box that features decorative artwork of the character inside.


Welcome to the newly revamped version of MATTWAGNERCOMICS.COM! Please check back here regularly for breaking news and updates on all my various projects and appearances.

Of course, the big news for this year (2007) is the 25th anniversary of Grendel! As such, we’ve got a lot of projects, press and just general goodness planned throughout the year. To kick off this auspicious event, we’ve got an all-new, hardcover edition of DEVIL BY THE DEED (link to cover art here), which has been freshly color re-mastered to fit the Black, White & Red milieu that has since become Hunter Rose’s domain. This sweet lookin’ volume comes with a new introduction by me and is restored with its original edition’s introduction written by Alan Moore! Look for it on your store shelves the first week in April.

Next on deck is the first-ever reprinting of the hard-to-find original B&W issues of Grendel. These are not only the very first appearances of Grendel, but also my first professionally published work and have been much-sought-after collector’s items for years. Until now, I had avoided re-issuing this material due to the fact that it’s an unfinished story. The story of Hunter Rose was later revamped and re-presented as DEVIL BY THE DEED, making the material covered in these original issues somewhat obsolete by my own narrative standards. This collection, titled GRENDEL ARCHIVES (link to cover art here), includes Grendel’s first appearance in Primer #2 as well as the three issues of his eponymous title that eventually saw print. I finally decided that the silver anniversary of my flagship character was a suitable occasion to have these puppies see print once again.

I’m an official guest at this year’s Wonder Con festivities and will have a table in Artist’s Alley as well as a special signing at the Darkhorse booth on Saturday, from 1-2 pm, as well as a Grendel themed panel, also on Saturday from 6-7 pm.