Why Shop at Your Local Comic Shop?

The world of comic books is a world of adventure. It is the place where you get to delve into your dream world and satisfy your love for crazy superhero stuff. When you step into a comic book store, you enter the world of wonders where you get to live your dreams, fly higher and faster. 

It’s like an addiction. Once you start reading a comic book and start gaining interest out of it, you will not be able to stop yourself from reading more and more. All the local comic shops include a massive variety of comic books for the comic book lovers like you. 

In case you are new and don’t know where to start your comic journey from, you may ask the friendly staff at your local comic book store for some comic book suggestions. Or you may do the same if you have read a lot of comic books till now and don’t have any idea what to read next. 

More About Comic Book and Comic Book Shops

Comic book lovers just don’t read the comic books, they live every character mentioned there. Comic books supply you with great joy and fill your heart with happiness. But it is very sad that people who are comic book lovers, don’t understand the importance of comic book shops nowadays. 

One can blame digitalization for this. Comic book fans have stopped valuing their local comic book stores or shops because they get everything very easily online. But the truth is, if you want to discover the real fun and adventure, you must visit your local comic book shop. The overall vibe of a comic book shop is totally different and you can’t match it with reading your favorite comics online. 

Reason Why You Should Shop at a Local Comic Book Shop 

Being a comic book fan, you would want to explore every great comic book option and live the lives of your great comic characters. There are lots of reasons why you should consider visiting a local comic shop physically as the best option and not online.

1: You Will Get to See New Comic Books Every Wednesday

The first most exciting reason that you should visit your local comic store is that you will get to see a new series of comic books at the local shop every Wednesday. Yes, the local comic shops launch a series of new comic books every Wednesday. So there is no chance of getting bored. There are new adventurous books waiting for you every week. All you have to go and grab your copy. 

2: Lots of Graphic Novel Options for Binge Readers

If you are the one who wants to read the whole story at a time, then graphic novels and trade paperbacks are the ultimate options for you. These full length illustrated tales are created to satisfy people like you only. 

3: Mix of Pop Up Culture and Comic Sensation in 3D

Comic book fans definitely love every bit of a comic book shop. And to make it more interesting for them, the local comic book shops arrange for some great action figures, toys, statues and some other great merchandise. 

4: Availability of Back Issues to Help the Readers to Fill in the Story

It feels incomplete and at the same time annoying to the comic book lovers when they miss reading a particular part of a comic series. The solution to this problem is the back issues. With online reading and purchasing, you may not be able to catch up with what you have missed reading earlier. But when you go to a local comic book store, you are able to do that. 

Most of the comic shops have the back issues of comic books for comic book lovers. And if they don’t have back issues, you may request the shopkeeper to bring it for you so that you have a complete comic set. Back issues can be both cheap and expensive. Basically it depends on your collection taste.

5: Availability of Fun and Exciting Events

Comic books are themselves exciting and when you visit a comic book store, you will see a lot of other exciting activities happening there. There are a variety of fun and exciting things you can see and do at your local comic book shop. Such as experience the midnight launch of a new exciting comic series, play gaming tournaments, or you can even listen to a creator singing in store. Moreover, you are able to celebrate the Free annual Comic Day that comes on the 1st Saturday of May. There is always something exciting and fun events happening at your local comic store.

6: Availability of Playroom and Fun Games

Another reason that you must visit your comic book shop and shop from there is the availability of playroom at the store. Not only that, many of the comic book shops have introduced fun games such as card games, tabletop, pokemon, pathfinder and so on. 

Hope You Will Support the Local Comic Shops to Serve You Better

As said earlier, the whole atmosphere at the comic shop is very different. Your heart gets filled with a lot of positivity, fun, and excitement.  We hope you understand the perks of shopping your favorite comics from a local comic shop. In the end, if you are passionate about comic books, you must go and shop from your local comic shop.